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Courtenay – Alberni PPC Association | PPC Candidate Announcement

Announcement of Official PPC Candidate in Courtenay - Alberni

Courtenay - Alberni — PPC Association, Denman Island, BC, July 22, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Robert Eppich was officially acclaimed as the PPC candidate for the riding of Courtenay - Alberni for the 44th general election. Robert Eppich will now act as the official representative of the People’s Party of Canada locally and will represent the PPC in the upcoming election.

Robert majored in Political Science at UBC. He managed a communications department for many years and then became a software developer. He moved from the lower mainland to Denman Island over ten years ago. He is treasurer of a water association on Hornby Island. Robert is married to his wife Carolyn, and happy parent of two adult children, and two grandchildren.


“I am very thankful and grateful to be selected by the People’s Party of Canada to represent Maxime Bernier’s and the People’s Party of Canada in the riding of Courtenay - Alberni. Maxime’s voice and message represent the opinions and perspectives of thousands of Canadians across the country who feel like the traditional political parties have ignored them in favour of political posturing and virtue signaling. I am excited to stand with Maxime Bernier and our growing team of PPC Candidates across the country!”

- Robert Eppich PPC Candidate, Courtenay – Alberni

“After reading the PPC platform, I found that I liked the common sense approach to all the issues. I wanted to vote for the PPC in that election and found that I could not. It was one of the few ridings where the PPC was not present on the ballot. This time I applied, and was acclaimed. I believe in Family Values, Parental Rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

“I am very excited to begin working with Robert Eppich as our PPC candidate for Courtenay- Alberni. I am excited to start campaigning immediately, working with Robert Eppich to spread our message of individual freedom, fairness, personal responsibility, and respect across Courtenay-Alberni.”

- Paul Macknight, CEO of the North Island Electoral District Association Contacts:

 Robert Eppich

Candidate Courtenay-Alberni (250) 792-0078

Paul Macknight

CEO North Island Electoral District Association (250) 331-3609

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